Monday, 9 May 2011

Party Life 2

So first up, sorry I've been away for a while, had quite a hectic weekend haha and gained another crazy story in the process.
Also, thanks to all my followers for helping me reach 2500 views and 100 followers!! I wont dissapoint.

I was actually going to tell you a story I got from this weekend just gone, but I'll save it for another post.
This one happened a few years back at a yearly festival we have here in Brisbane, Australia, called the Valley Fiesta. So anyway me and a big group of mates all decided to chill at one of our houses for pre-drinks before heading in, at this point none of us where even 18! As usual, pre's turned into fully fledged drinks haha and I ended up getting so smassshed! It reached about 8 or 9PM so we all decide to cruise to the train station nearby which would take us directly to the valley in like 3 stops. We ended up getting split into 2 groups on the way to the train station, I was in the first group to get there, unluckily for the second group the doors where closing AS we ran in, so they had to get the next train.
We get to valley station and for some reason i decide to catch the lift instead of the escalators. As the doors as closing these 2 dudes storm in with a couple of six packs looking all scared. One of them asks me if i was 18, I still dont really know why but I said I was. He instantly shoves the beers in my hands at which point I tell him I am actually 17. So here we are in this tiny arse lift, skolling these beers as fast as possible, the worst part was it didnt have a stop button, so we had to go up and down in plain view when the doors are open waiting for them to close. So we arrive at the top after several runs to be greeted by cops and seccies. I had literally just dacked a beer and couldnt take it back out infron of them. They line us all up and ask our names, the other dudes give their real names but again, I have no idea why but I gave a fake on to avoid a fine I guess, which the other two both got. The best I could come up with was "Chris Smith" hahaha the cop knew I was bullshitting so he let the other two go and kept me. So I'm sitting there on the ground in the station when the other half of our group rock up, and Instantly go ANNDDYYYYYY right infront of the cops I just told my name was Chris hahaha. They all dissapeared as I tried to sweet talk the cop, keeping in mind I've had a beer dacked all this time! Anyway he ends up letting me go once I gave him my real name, so after skolling beers, under age, in a cop infested train station and giving a fake name with a beer dacked the whole time, I got off free, whilst the other two who gave there real names, got fines! hahaha and the best part was, in plain sight once they let me off, i whipped out the extra beer and cracked right infront of them haha. I then have to try and find all my mates, in a huuuuuuge street festival. I make it outside and the first thing I see is my mate, pants around ankles, running up the main area and then like 5 seconds later some angry looking dude running after him with some guilty looking chick hahaha! that was such a sick night!

Anyway thats the end of my 2nd party story, heres the only photo I still have left from that night, im guessing I fell over or something, anyway i was messy haha.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Party life!

Had an crazy wild night the other night! So im 19, naturally I don't go to as many house partys as I used to, but for some reason whenever one pops up every now and then I end up having these wild nights with crazy storys!

I went to some house party a week or so ago in Bellbowrie, a suburb along way away from me (mission and a half). Even the mission there was pretty eventful, big group of us caught a bus to get us most of the way there, drinking etc.. on the bus. By the time we got to our stop we where pretty drunk at this point. Not entirely sure but our group got split up at some point, no idea what happened to them, so we start walking down some dark long road with no footpath towards where we had to go, beeped at so many times, stumbling around, somehow end up going down this random bush path, and who the fuck do we see, but the other half of our crew, middle of nowhere! So we all order a maxi and cruise off to this party.
Nights going pretty well, making out with some chick most of the night, when these dudes cruise in holding bats and knives yelling "GTFO NOW" etc.. naturally this riled everyone up and a few fights broke out, pretty quickly though shit got crazy and 200 or so people flood out onto the street in a mass brawl. Im throwing fists just for the hell of it, copped a broken nose in the process.
Riot cops (yes literally cops in armour and shields) rock up from out of nowhere and arrest half the crowd in paddys. I got away with some mates, but then we realised we had no money, busses wernt running anymore and we where alooong way away from home! So for lack of anything else to do we started walking in the genral direction of the city. About half an hour later this paddy rocks up beside us on some road, pull over and stop us. These two cops get out looking all smug and im think "ahh here we go". Usual routine, searched us etc.. and they left without a hitch, another hour or so later of walking and BOOM there they are again! This time they got out, pointed at me and a few other mates and told us to get into the paddy full on seriously. We hop in but they didnt handcuff us or anything, as soon as we take off they tell us through the slit between our little jail and them that we're getting a free lift coz apparantly liked us. So there we where in the back of a paddy, i even had a flask with some rum in it haha so im getting more pissed sliding around in the back of this paddy. They slam the brakes, yell something then take off, sirens blazing with us still in it. Some guy did a hit and run right infront of them and took off, so now we're in a real fucking cop chase! drinking in the back of a paddy haha! eventually they caught the guy and got another unit to take care of him, because apparantly they wouldve been in shit if they got caught with us haha. Get dropped off in the city with everyone, said bye and stumbled home!

Thats one of the more memorible storys ive got, but beleive me i have millions of them haha. Its not very good but heres a photo i got from inside the paddy!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Hip Hop and production!

I have a mate whos been producing mostly hip-hop instrumentals but also a few dubstep tracks for the past few years, so this is just me helping him out, I do also actually really like his work and have done for ages, do any of you make any kindve beats or anything like that? im sure he'd be keen to work with some mc's etc..

these are a few of his tracks, also heres the url:

this ones entriely synth (no samples)
Lose Hold by renz1

OHH April Beat Battle runner up by renz1

this is a remix he did of Daft Punks track "Make Love"
Daft Punk - Make Love (dubstep remix by Renz) by renz1

and finally, an all synth dubstep track, as for the rest go to his page and check them out! (p.s he's buying me a beer for this haha)
Sundance by renz1

so whats the general verdict?

Thursday, 28 April 2011


So i've had my old deck sitting around collecting dust for quite a few months now, anyone think i should get back on it? been watching alot of skate vids lately and its making me miss skating more and more!

check this out:

after seeing this i wanna pick my board up and go for a skate now haha, to bad its 7:30 at night and im lazy!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Maaaan I cannot get over this track hey! Makes me just want to go out right now haha!
A couple of weeks ago I was in Sydney with some mates on holiday, and everytime we went out all the clubs played this track, so now whenever I listen to it I get reminded of Sydney. Plus I love going out anyway haha.
Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

So this is my first post!

I'm extremeeeely new to this, so bare with me if it's scrappy. I thought I may as well start one of these and see what it's like! I have a pretty interesting life as well so this is perfect!
This is all I'll put up for now until I figure out how to use this a little better, so night!